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Generate's CEO made presentation at breakfast seminar in Brussels

January 22nd, Brussels - Invited by Daldewolf, a Brussels based law firm, Liang Sun, our company's CEO made presenation on the 2019 key trends in China during Breakfast at Stefany's in Brussels, along with Valentin de le Court, a partner of Daldewolf and China IP specialist.

The main topic of the event was gaining insights on the intellectual property related to the Chinese market, with a focus on European companies that want to do business in China.

During his presentation, Liang shared insights on the Chinese retail market potential in 2019, and the prospects of consumer trends in the following year. Liang also discussed the most attractive sectors to be active in the following year such as baby care, organic products and imported food. But along with these promising sectors come with challenges, especially in doing business with China. According to a survey conducted by KPMG the most limitating measures while investing in China are most likely the changing market demand for goods and services, and the local partner requirements.

Businesses can overcome these challenges with the considerations on the distribution strategy in China. Liang ended the presentation analysing the pros & cons of the different distribution models, followed by some of Generate's client success cases.

If you're interested in understanding on the first steps to enter the Chinese market, make sure you read our article on our website.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or advice for your company regarding doing business with China.

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