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Extend your sales via SaaS

One way of ensuring maximum results out of your sales force is hiring them as independent contractors. Independent sales agents earn their income through commissions only.

We strongly believe that the best salesmen are suppose to be independent individuals, because they aim for commissions instead of salaries; they have got clients that trust them and want to buy from them so they are welcomed everywhere.

Lead Generation

A lead means the provision of at least one name and contact details of a decision influencer, or decision maker, at a project which fits the Principal’s profile of a target project.

The leads are generated by our agents who are prodigious networkers and who has established business relationships with the decision influencers or decision makers.

The Principal pays cash per lead generated and share commission when the lead has become a project.

Deal Closure

A deal closure differs to a lead generation whereby a deal closure means the negotiating process and delivery of a project.

Our agents who are experienced key account managers take care of the entire sales process and assist on the project management process.

The agents are interviewed and approved by the Principals; they are full-time committed; they take no more than two assignments which are complementary; they work directly and closely with the Principals to fully understand the solutions, process and company culture.

The agents are given a monthly retainer and the commission which is all taxes and expenses inclusive.

Parallel Sales

Example: a scheduling software company has set up its China operations a decade ago. The team is focused on strategic accounts and well suited to that level but there’re so many other opportunities which are reachable; Zhaoliang mobilised a team of independent sales professionals and sales to small companies started in three months.

New Distribution Channels

Example: a FMCG company just launched a new washing detergent product, and their existing distributers are focused on the other products. The company retained Zhaoliang finding new distributors with new momentum.

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